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    1. Welcome to Hengshui Zehao Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Advisory hotline +86 318-8015158

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      Mobile: +86 18330856252
      Sales: +86 318-7922977
      Sales: +86 318-8015159
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      Finance: +86 318-8015158
      Fax: +86 318-2811996
      Address: Rubber industry district, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China

      Product Center Location: Product Center >Petroleum Resin

      Petroleum Resin


      Color: light yellow to dark brown to Black.

      Color code: 8# -- 18#

      Appearance: granules, flakes or bulk solids.

      Softening point: 80-140C

      Character: excellent transparence, solubility, compatibility, water-proof, wearability, weather-fastness, electrical insulating properties and stability against acid and alkalis, good adhesive power and thermal conductivity, etc.

      Petroleum resin is widely used in paint, printing ink, pressure-sensitive adhesives, coating, rubber Tyre, asphalt, hotmelt road marking paint, hot melt ashesive and other areas where tackiness is required.